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Bangladesh Professional Security Services Providers Association (BPSSPA)

The Private Security industry in Bangladesh spawned from the ideas and dreams of a few enterprising military men over thirty years ago and today it is recognized as a large employment generator. Private Security service is a rapidly growing sector and the Industry proved itself to be a reliant essential services provider throughout this pandemic , with 100 % of manned guarding throughout the country managed with precision , security guards playing the role of frontline workers , Cash carrying personnel sustaining the flow of cash in our society despite all odds !

While the world shut down to isolate , the Private Security Companies with its security personnel remained on duty , unseen , unheard but always there to safeguard community , business and industry . BPSSPA thanks the Ministry of Establishment for recognizing private security as an “Emergency service provider” and this endorsement was an enormous morale booster for Bangladesh’s Private Security Companies to uphold its commitment to its customers and society in general and ensure uninterrupted service delivery . Private Security Companies now understand that service improvements is only possible through maintaining standards and following Governmental regulations and this is where Bangladesh Professional Security Services Providers Association plays a big positive role. By guiding its members to comply with Government directives, setting up standards of good practices, working on modules of regulations that benefit the industry as a whole.








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